The 3 Best Instagram Apps for Real Estate Agents

These apps will make your Instagram life a LOT easier!

Instagram for Agents is here... but what else do you need to know?

Instagram has proven to be a thriving ground for real estate agents as the trend of visual marketing continues its upward, rocket-type growth. When you compare all the social media platforms, Instagram stands out when it comes to visual marketing. With its over 1 BILLION monthly active users and still counting, it is already a large market for realtors. As the home buying process migrates even more to online, a great presence here is expected. Luckily there are a couple of apps that help you take full advantage of Instagram. #ThereIsAnAppForThat

The Top 3 Instagram Apps are:

  1. Hyperlapse: This app hit the scenes in 2014. It helps you make the best out of your Instagram videos which can be about a minute long by allowing you to skip through in intervals, fitting in only the important video frames. You can simply say it condenses long episodes into exciting little frames, giving the users what they want to see. A good strategy some realtors use is to make a video with Hyperlapse and tell a story; a bit about the neighborhood, culture, comfort and serenity of the property, this can create a “like feeling” in prospective buyers. On top of that, it is very easy to use and to post with.

  2. Flipagram: This app enables you to create a video from your best photos… #gamechanger. The pictures, which can be organized and arranged in a very creative manner are then rendered by the app frame by frame in a video-like sequence. There is also an option to add some background music to the video, giving it more appeal to the user. It creates a great way for the users to flip through some of the best properties for sale, great restaurants in their neighborhood, etc.

  3. Afterlight: Image editing has been dumbed down and simplified by Afterlight.. #ItsAboutTime As realtors, your images have to look somewhat professional, enter Afterlight.  Afterlight enables you to crop photos, clarify your images and enhance pictures with After-Effect-like filters and textures. You can also add borders to horizontal and vertical photos that will make them very compatible with Instagram’s square format.

What that means for you, the small business owner, aka the real estate agent?

  • If you are selling anything, literally anything (besides 2nd hand Tamagotchis) then you better have a presence here. 

  • If you’re one of my near and dear real estate agent friend/colleague/2nd cousin twice removed, there is no excuse. Ah… Your audience isn’t on Instagram? I don’t have time to listen to that, they just hit a billion users! Where is your audience... Siberia? Last time I checked, houses sold themselves there. 

These apps should help you get a jump start on being the #modernagent that you are! Let us know what you think of the apps and/or if you have any others that we should check-out!

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