HGT… I mean IGTV, Instagram’s new toy!

Updated: Jul 2, 2018

#IGTV, yep that is the new thing Instagram has launched. 

A couple of key points takeaways from the big launch by Insta: 

  • You can post vertical video content for longer than a minute… up to an hour length in full. #Broadcast #GoodbyeTV

  • This is Instagram’s (and Facebook’s) step into Youtube (Google) territory. #RememberWhatHappenedToSnapchat

  • IGTV plays the moment you open the app, meaning you aren’t searching for stories before you get them. #GotYouFromTheGetGo

  • IGTV has channels… and the channels are the actual creators. #WheresTheRemote 

This is huge for a couple of reasons... 

  1. Instagram just hit 1 BILLION, yes with a B, users. 

  2. They are owned by Facebook (meaning they have Zuck + Kevin Systrom + infinite marketing budget + Cambridge Analytica… j.k. on the last one #toosoon). Basically, they are here to stay, in a big way. 

What that means for you, the small business owner, aka the real estate agent?

  • If you are selling anything, literally anything (besides 2nd hand Tamagotchis) then you better have a presence here. 

  • If you’re one of my near and dear real estate agent friend/colleague/2nd cousin twice removed, there is no excuse. Ah… Your audience isn’t on Instagram? I don’t have time to listen to that, they just hit a billion users! Where is your audience... Siberia? Last time I checked, houses sold themselves there. 

Listen if you haven't taken the Insta plunge on a personal level, I commend you... #StayStrong. That doesn't mean put your head in the sand when it comes to your business though. If you haven't jumped in as a real estate agent, the best time was a year or two ago. It is time to get with the times or you'll be S.O.L. with the modern homebuyer. You’re either scared of money or technology or something but figure that out quick because Zuck and Kevin aren’t waiting for anyone. 

You can learn more about anything and everything Instagram HERE. #InTheKnow